Bokube Press Kit!

Inspired by games like "Captain Toad" and "Sokoban", Bokube is a push block, light platformer, light action, perspective puzzle game. Every puzzle level introduces a new enemy, trap, or twist on the games core mechanics to keep levels fresh. 

Change your cameras perspective! Rotate the camera around a level to understand how to solve it or find secrets! You can also zoom in the camera on Boku at any time. 

Each level is able to have up to four puzzle cubes for the player to find. Push, pull or kill enemies, and take to their colored goals! As you progress through the game, you will discover new kinds of push-able objects to help solve new kinds of puzzles with, each world in the game presenting deeper and more complex level designs and puzzles than the last! 


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Fredrick Conception- Developer/creator of Bokube. 


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